Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grass Centerpieces by Dawn Ackerman
Grass style centerpieces range in price from $-$$$. Pricing depends on the type of grass you use as well as if you incorporate other types of elements into your centerpiece such as flowers. The most commonly used type of grass is wheat grass which florists can obtain from their wholesalers for most of the year. The exception is during the winter months when it is harder to find, but a good substitute could be sheet moss which has a green, lush feel although it is shorter in nature. A less expensive alternative to wheat grass would be rolls of turf or sod which can be found at many local sod companies. Sod rolls will not have the same all over consistency as wheat grass but will have the same look in that it is a grass of roughly the same length as wheat grass as well as have that nature grown look.

Grass centerpieces can be used alone or with fresh flowers picked into the grass to create a more flowering meadow look. You can further expand the grass centerpiece style by having your escort card table covered in grass and your cards arranged in it. You can also have it tucked among the dishes on your food stations, have a mini version of your guest table pieces created for the cocktail tables, as well as have your gift table be covered in grass.

Last, grass is an element that can be used as a main part of your décor or as a compliment to other elements. A wedding that has a nature theme would incorporate grass, branches, rocks, as well as flowers, fruits, nuts, etc to create a more cohesive look. And remember, just because your ceremony and reception are indoors does not mean you cannot use grass. Bringing the outdoors inside is a very creative and fun way to bring together a nature themed wedding.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whats hot for floral wedding trends in 2014

The Origin of Wedding Trends
What’s new and hot in the wedding industry takes cues from a few sources:
  •  Pop culture.  Think about the influence of shows like Mad Men and the Royal Wedding had on wedding fashion and style.
  •  High art.  Popular museum exhibits and art inspire new trends.
  • Haute couture.  The hottest styles on the runway are adapted to influence wedding gown design and popular wedding themes.

1) Refined Woodland – This trend is inspired by Sean Parker’s whimsical wedding in the redwoods.  You’ll see this reflected in 2014 weddings with gowns containing floral accents and vines, flower crowns for the bride, and natural fiber, wood and ferns in the décor.
2) Old World Opulence – The upcoming tribute to 19th century fashion icon Charles James and shows like NBC’s Dracula are sure to inspire a return to the elegant ballroom.  Look for ball gowns and full skirts, gloves and pearls, and formal dining.
3) Pop Art Graphics – This trend draws its inspiration from pop art “cartoons.”  This will be reflected in gown choices that have shorter hemlines and a modern look.  Pop are graphics will make an appearance on invitations and paper.
4) Geometric – This trend evolves from the geometric patterns appearing on the runways.  You’ll see modern, clean lines in dresses and décor.
5) Grecian – For couples who want the elegance of Old World design delivered with more simplicity, they’ll take their cues from the streamlined, modern Grecian looks appearing on the Red Carpet.
6) Marbleized – The marbleized style will appear in invitations, décor and even on the cake.  It suits creative hipster couples planning weddings with a hand-crafted touch.  (Think tie-dye, with oodles more class.)
7) High Tech Receptions – Young couples are increasingly enamored with technology, and they’re going to use this as a theme for the wedding.  Wedding apps, mobile devices, and technology will be encouraged and featured.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lotus Flower Candles - Hot for 2014!
Never have a boring birthday party again! 

Lotus birthday candles are simply amazing. Instead of lighting up a bunch of boring old candles one by one, you just stick one (or two or three!) of these candles in the middle of your cake, light the wick that's supplied with the candle, and apply the wick to the center of the candle body.
What happens next will delight you and everyone else - a shower of sparks shoots upwards, the candle petals open up like a flower, and all the candles on each of the petals light up (two circles of candles, 14 candles total!). Then the candles start going round and round, AND start playing Happy Birthday to you! You have to see & hear it to believe it!

Homes for the Holidays

Historical society fundraiser gives a warm welcome to Frankfort.

Someone on the planning committee must have been extra good this year. Picture perfect weather complimented the beautifully decorated homes on the 30th annual Frankfort Area Historical Society Holiday House Walk on December 3.
Punkie Ritter and friend Andrea Ladweski, of Frankfort, hit the walk early with Ladewski's mom, a neighborhood friend and Ritter's daughter. "We've done it every year for the past four or five years with the same group of ladies," Ladewski said. "And we all have our jobs. Punkie reads the house descriptions. I navigate. It's just a really nice night out."
The group, along with other guests, were impressed with homeowner Patti Tubbs's towering Christmas tree, which was framed by the arched floor to ceiling great room window. Tubbs's decorating included "stockings hung by the chimney with care" a la Clement Moore and a peaceful snow village tucked into a corner of the upstairs overlook.
At the Victor house, daughter Courtney greeted visitors and invited them to admire three floors of decorated living space. Brightening the entryway, an amusement park-themed snow village spread out below a stylish frosted tree.
"My brother, Kyle, and I each receive a piece every year until we're 21," Courtney said. "Then we'll get to take our village set when we start our own families."
And even the bathrooms featured holiday ambience. At the Ogle home, candy cane-striped tea lights floated in the Jacuzzi tub, adorned with festive evergreen garland by Pattie's Floral Express.
Perhaps the most unique stop on the walk was the Winter Peace Garden, created as an inspirational outdoor retreat by homeowner Helen Pellack-Johnson. Luminaries led to the perennial garden, which sits behind a 100-year-old carriage house and features vintage décor like an antique step ladder, wooden swing and wrought iron café chairs. Most inviting, however, was a tiny brick cottage, which once served as the home's original summer kitchen.
"It was all boarded up when we moved in," Pellack-Johnson said, "But we uncovered it and cleaned it up. It was so cool in here in the summer because of the brick. I don't know how much I'll be out here in the winter, but I just love it in here."
As did Angie McCarthy, Tinley Park. "Oh, can I live in here?" she asked Pellack-Johnson.
"I don't need all the fancy stuff. This is perfect," she added, saying that it reminded her of the Black Forest region in Germany where she has traveled extensively.
Throughout the evening, visitors stopped by the  to warm up and enjoy a cup of wassail or coffee and one of more than 1,400 cookies made by Frankfort attorney John Clavio. The downton Frankfort festivities continue this weekend with the and sixth annual Cookie Walk, which usher in the holiday season with the Village's trademark 1890s charm.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to Create Lighted Centerpieces 

To Create Lighted Wedding Centerpieces, one needs to fill a glass vase with battery operated mini lights with well sorted flowers and then conceal the battery pack in the center accompanied by papers in colors that match with the theme color. You also need to use Shaded Containers, Glowing Bowls and Surround the bowl or collection of glasses with greenery or fabric, or let the bowl stand on its own.
These are a few creations I designed for some recent bridal showers.Visit Patties Floral Express for your own design to be created by Pattie.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Interesting fact about Illinois Flowers.

- The 1893 World Exposition, held in Chicago, is credited with sparking nationwide interest in the adoption of flowers to represent a state.

- In 1907 the choice of State flower and tree, was put to a vote of Illinois school Children.

- Violets, Wild Rose and Golden Rod were in contention

- The violet won the contest by around 4000 more votes that the Wild Rose

- On January 21, 1908 the native violet became the state flower of Illinois